Youth Athletic League Police Grab Antonio Brown And Return His Donation

As many of you know, Antonio runs on social media to broadcast a recent run-in with the local police in his community whenever he and his baby mama Chelsie Kyriss hang out. Now it seems the police department has had enough, and their athletic leagues have decided to cut him.

According to ESPN, the Hollywood (Florida) Police Department released a statement announcing that their athletic leagues had severed ties with Antonio, and his donation was restored following his recent contact with police. On Monday, she hiked to Instagram Live to talk to police and her baby mama while their children were there.

In a statement issued after the incident, the department noted that police intervention had caused an “irreversible rift” between the department, the Police Athletic League and Antonio.

Officer Christian Lata said, “We have decided to split between Mr. Brown and the Hollywood Police Athletic League. We do not want our youth to be subject to this type of behavior or to emulate Mr.’s actions. Brown. “Officer Lata also spoke out about the incident Monday and said he was using” very discouraging language in front of his children. “

Antonio recently donated to the 7-on-7 football league, but they decided to return his donation earlier this month.

“We will not take money from a donor that we cannot be proud of as young people or represent our organization,” Lata said.

The department also gave Antonio a warning for belonging to the Police Athletic League because “they do not want him to continue to affect our youth or influence them in a negative way.”

If you missed his recent contact with the police, check it out below:


TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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