Ryan Tannehill

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sport

Ryan Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans will face the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday for the right to play in the Super Bowl LIV, and statistics suggest they have a good chance.

Check out the rare company Tannehill finds himself in after he and the Titans knocked out the teams with first goal defense (New England Patriots) and first goal defense (Baltimore Ravens) in the same postseason.

I found this interesting:

Beat number 1 in the same postseason (since 1970):

2019 Titans (Ryan Tannehill)
2004 Patriots (Tom Brady)
1988 49ers (Joe Montana)

– Dianna (@diannaESPN) January 16, 2020

The 2004 Patriots, led by Tom Brady, won the Super Bowl. The 1988 San Francisco 49ers, led by Joe Montana, also won the Super Bowl. Will Ryan Tannhill be the next?

It’s a bit ironic that the Titans have rarely had to rely on Tannehill in the playoffs. He has tried only 29 passes in his two games so far, making 15 passes for a total of 160 meters through the air. When he has to make a game, Tannehill has three touchdowns and only one interception in these two games.

If the titans compete against the Chiefs in Arrowhead this Sunday, Tannehill will likely have to step up his game and throw more.