# Roommates, you should already know that Wendy Williams does not waste time clearing up rumors when she is central. As she becomes more open to her personal life after the incredibly messy divorce with her upcoming ex-husband Kevin Hunter, more attention has been paid to who she's dating. Well, after rumors began to spread that she spent some romantic time with Whitney Houston's friend Robyn Crawford, Wendy completely closed it off.

Friend of Whitney Houston and alleged romantic interest, Robyn Crawford, is currently in the middle of a media tour promoting her book about her relationship with Whitney. One of her recent press stops was at "The Wendy Williams Show" and apparently some people thought there was a spark between Crawford and Wendy during the interview that translated into real life.


Pump up your brakes because Wendy wants everyone to know that it absolutely doesn't happen. During the popular & # 39; Hot Topics & # 39; segment of her show, Wendy addressed the rumors with this comment:

“In between commercials I go on the googler-schmoogler and I go to Radar Online – about how you are doing – and I see that Rob Shuter, [producer] Norman, saw that? He insinuates that there is something romantic going on between me and Robyn Crawford. But look, Mr. Short Arms, friend of the show, I am not a lesbian. I love women for friendship; I love men and I love the D. First of all, I am not concerned about that, with all due respect to the lesbians. Secondly, Robyn is really married, she has children and I am not a housewife. "

Cub, there you have the #Roomies. So now you can let Wendy go back to her regularly scheduled programming.

Roommates, what do you think about this?

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