Victoria Bigelow says goodbye to regret

“To Everyone I’ve Loved Before” is a kind of double-sided mea culpa by Nashville singer-songwriter Victoria Bigelow. She uses the beautifully retro fading song to apologize to the old flames, for her reckless past behavior, and for herself to endure pretty crappy situations herself over the years.

The song, Bigelow’s first release since its first EP in 2019 Going Blue, combines dreamy guitar solos and melodic waves with the striking recognition that hurting others, including yourself, often stems from a lack of confidence.

Speaking on this idea, Bigelow said, “I wrote it while I remembered past relationships and wanted to give old lovers and old hugs simultaneously. I did and said terrible things, and I accepted terrible things. This song is really just a nod to where I have been and the respect I have for these experiences. ”

Check out “To everyone I loved before” below.