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We know Adele has been slowing down for years, but not until recently has it hit us to what extent he has gone to his weight loss.

As the singer Skyfall celebrates New Year in the open with pals Harry Styles at James Corden, he met a teen fan Lexi Larson who rushed about meeting, sharing:

“He said he lost like 100 pounds, and that was a crazy positive experience. He looks so happy, and he looks amazing. He looks really confident.”

That’s right. Adele is a full C-note lighter! That’s wild, isn’t it?

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According to a source who spoke to People, the gradual transformation was due to a more difficult diet and regular cross-training and full-body Pilates exercises, some of which he actually has shared on social media over the years, always with a hilarious angry face. .

But the source wants to be careful that this is not about body sculpting for Adele:

“It’s easy to just focus on his physical transformation, but it’s really about something bigger.”

For some the image of man is everything, but there is definitely something more important – his health! Insider explained:

“She got to the point where she didn’t feel very well. She knew she had to change something, because she wanted to be the healthiest mother.”

And there it is. The big inspiration for Adele’s change in fitness regulation is that it doesn’t result in gowns on the red carpet or looks sexy in music videos. It is about being possible in her child’s life.

Any parent will tell you, it takes a lot of energy to raise a child, and you need to stay as healthy as possible if you want to keep them. They also make you think about how to stay around as much as you can, and that means being healthy. For some people that also means losing weight.

Another big change in life that Adele implemented? Less alcohol. Resource details:

“Her whole focus on the weight loss journey is really about how she can be healthy and how she can make her body better. It’s not about losing weight. Her weight loss has happened. because he cut down on drinking and eating more real food. “

However, the insider admitted that Adele was LOVING her look. ] Hey, who doesn’t ??]

“But she also now loves her physical transformation. She is more confident, dresses different and she seems to be happier in general.”

The source also said the songstress was “happy and excited for the future.” So do we – especially since we hear that Adele’s new music is coming!

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