Sold by the UN for Guerguerat, Polisario prefers to criticize Morocco


The Polisario front criticized Morocco on Monday and accused it of “challenging” the international community. They responded shortly after the United Nations warned during the 12th edition of the Africa Eco Race not to block traffic at the Guerguerat border crossing.

In a statement released by its press agency, the separatist movement accused Morocco of trying to “maintain the illegal occupation of the Sahara” by “involving other international parties without taking international decisions into account”.

Despite the threat from the Polisario front, the drivers who take part in the 12th edition of the Africa Eco Race, an annual rally raid in North Africa, safely crossed the Guerguerat stage, the organizers said on Monday

On Monday, as they crossed Guerguerat, the sixth stage of the annual race, participants “stopped for a few minutes” before entering Mauritania, the organizers said. “The participants crossed safely after speaking to people who blocked the border crossing and protested the race,” added the same source.