I Can’t Get Enough of Selena Gomez’s ’60s Beauty Looks This Week

You already know that fashion and beauty trends of the 90s can be found everywhere. You may even have seen a look from the early 2000s appear here and there. But let Selena Gomez go all the way back to the 1960s to see her last appearances on the red carpet and on talk shows. She advertises her new album “Rare” and her new film “Dolittle”, in which she presents a giraffe. Girl is busy

Gomez travels with her team, which consists of makeup artist Hung Vanngo, hairdresser Marissa Marino and fashion stylist Kate Young. Marino is responsible for Gomez’s recent haircut, but has upgraded him for this press tour by adding Brigitte Bardot flair to her long layers and curtain bangs. This is especially true if Gomez appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with half-height hair and a little volume. A mini dress in the style of the 1960s by Miu Miu was the perfect addition.

For her make-up, Vanngo made his typical cat’s eye with full brows and pale pink lips. Gomez has some of the best celebrity brows, but they don’t seem to get along without a bit of controversy. (Rolling eyes.) When Vanngo posted a photo of his adorable customer on Instagram, a follower wrote: “Please listen to us, stop making your eyebrows look bigger than they are. Thin eyebrows look so much better on them. “

Vanngo said: “Sorry darling, she doesn’t like thin eyebrows. Xx”

Backstage at Fallon, Gomez and her glamorous team joked about their brows. “No, I love my hair, I love my eyebrows the way they are,” said Gomez. We can’t say more.