Seattle Seahawks DE Quinton Jefferson suffers from a broken foot against Packers

Tyler Alsin of Wednesday Field Gulls presented a very good summary of the Seattle Seahawks members who had been injured during the 2019 season and gave a good overview of what to expect in terms of their future recovery. Of course, less than two hours after the release of his play, Tom Pelissero released an update on the status of Hawks defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson, who suffered a broken foot after losing the playoff against the Green Bay Packers.

#Seahawks DL Quinton Jefferson suffered a standard Jones fracture on Sunday and will be with Dr. Robert Anderson operated, the source said. It’s an eight-week recovery, which means he’s healthy before the free hand begins in March.

– Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero), January 15, 2020

Jefferson had a brilliant start to the 2019 season when he fired Cincinnati Bengal’s quarterback Andy Dalton twice at the start of the season, but didn’t get another sack around until week 12, but his night against the Packers was interrupted by the foot injury.

Jefferson will have to undergo surgery and will hopefully be well in time to visit the teams for training when the free agency opens in March. As a tweener with no real position inside or outside the line of defense, Jefferson might find his market to be lukewarm. For someone who has never been in football and worked for Best Buy, what he does as a free agent in this off-season will almost certainly go beyond what he would have done if he had stayed away from football.

I wish QJeff the best of luck in his recovery, and although I am sure that many fans would like to have him back, I will not use him to look after his family if he finds considerable wealth in the free hand.