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BOCA RATON, Florida (AP) – A day care teacher in Florida took care of a crying 3-year-old boy, carried him across the room, and dropped him on the floor. According to a police report, she broke her leg.

The Boca Raton police said the incident happened last week after the rain shortened the playing time and the child was angry that it had to come in.

The teacher Estefany Delosangeles Acosta, 24, was released on Friday for lying about the child’s injury, the Palm Beach Post reported. The owner of the Early Learning Center contacted the Florida Children’s and Family Department on Sunday after watching the six-minute video taken with the classroom camera.

She was arrested on Tuesday and charged with aggravated child abuse. A judge on Wednesday ordered Venezuelan Acosta to return their passport from Palm Beach District prison within 24 hours of their release. She has been living in Boca Raton since November and works in the daycare center.

The video showed the boy trudging back into the classroom and plopping on the carpet. He spat on the carpet while ignoring his teacher, a police report said.

The video showed that the teacher dropped the boy face down on the floor. When she knelt next to him, her knee landed on his and broke his tibia, the report said.

Investigators said the boy was obviously in pain, but no one seemed to notice the severity of his injuries until his mother arrived five hours later to pick him up. During two of these hours, Florida Department of Health investigators inspected the school after a routine check, records show.

The child’s mother told investigators that she found her son in severe pain, sat down, and trembled. She said he peed on himself and ate nothing.

She told investigators that the boy told her the teacher was sitting on his leg because he was behaving badly. Police said the teacher wrote in an injury report submitted to the school that the boy had injured his leg when her leg pressed on his when she helped him clean the carpet. The report showed that she gave him ice for the injury.

Another employee told investigators that the teacher had told her the boy was injured when he stepped on a metal chair. This employee left a message with the boy’s mother and called the boy’s father. The father told investigators that he found out that the boy had a bump on his leg and that he hadn’t picked up the child early because it didn’t sound serious.

The teacher admitted to the investigators that “the way she took the boy in was inappropriate and dangerous and could result in him being seriously injured,” the report said.

No lawyer for Delosangeles Acosta was listed in the court records.

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