[PREMIERE] Dion Timmer and Calcium join forces for a “crazy” collaboration

Dion Timmer blows absolutely on the tracks leading to 2020. Only a month ago, he gave up his remix of “All My Friends” by Madeon and now he’s back, this time in a team with Calcium and Celestic for “Insane”.

Don’t get me wrong – all dubstep doesn’t need a melody. But at the same time, there’s no denying that a melodic drop and an atonal drop are two very different beasts, and the melody adds a huge component to the overall mix. Songs like the remix of “Emotional” by Must Die! Examples are perfect.

So with “Insane” you also get the best of both worlds. Dion and Calcium introduce a melodic swing which transforms into a more atonal and sustained bass note which allows you to swing your arms and then make a headbang seamlessly. Combine this intelligent production with the distorted and supernatural voices of Celestic and the project is a resounding success.

You can check out the new song below now before its full release tomorrow!