What happens when a couple based in Atlantic City, New Jersey try to raise a handful of certified brilliant kids? Outmatched – the new live-action family comedy with multiple cameras will be released on FOX on January 23. The actors are American Pie’s Jason Biggs and psych’s Maggie Lawsonpromises this assignable sitcom that invites you to laugh and feel good.

“Outmatched takes an honest and closer look at all parents’ worst fears – that they will” ruin “their children,” the official summary said. “When you have children whose kind of gifts can change the world, the pressure is really greater. Pick them up properly and these kids could cure cancer, stop global warming, or invent time travel. But fuck it and you could release three new villains into the universe – good luck! “

“We are constantly being outmaneuvered, outsmarted. This is crazy,” Biggs said recently to Parade. He compared the show with his own parent struggles at home with the children Sid (5) and Lazlo (2). “The biggest similarity is that i learn every day how to communicate with my kids. I constantly feel that they are outwitting me. I am always one step back. “

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the new Biggs show.

Connected: Jason Biggs says his role in Outmatched reminds him of his home

When is the release date outmatched?

The brand new series by the writer and executive producer Lon room Premieres at FOX January 23 at 8:30 a.m. / 7:30 a.m.

What is Outmatched?

Outmatched focuses on handyman Mike (Biggs) and his wife Cay (Lawson) trying to figure out the daily difficulties of bringing up their four adorable children – three of whom are literally geniuses.

According to FOX’s synopsis, dealing with the needs and ego of three high IQ children is difficult for either parent, but particularly dangerous for two working stiffs who have barely survived high school. Mike and Cay have set themselves the goal of giving their children’s hectic, unconventional childhoods a bit of normality, but these geniuses don’t make it easy. “

Is there an outmatched trailer?

“There aren’t many books on how to raise three brilliant kids,” says Biggs in the hilarious trailer below. “Well, actually there are, they are just super long.”

Who is Outmatched in the cast?

Together with Biggs and Lawson, the cast includes:

Connor Kalopsis

Connor Kalopsis plays Brian, the oldest of the geniuses, who is also a teen mathematician.

Ashley Boettcher

Ashley Boettcher plays Nicole, a language prodigy who knows how to manipulate her parents like no other.

Jack Stanton

Jack Stanton plays the youngest child prodigy, Marc, a 10-year-old musician who is sure to be the next Beethoven.

Oakley Bull

Then of course there is the only child Mike and Cay can actually identify with, 8-year-old Leila, played by Oakley Bull.

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What did Jason Biggs do before joining Outmatched?

The 41-year-old may be best known for his teen comedies from the 90s, like American Pie, but he’s certainly had his plate full since then. In addition to appearing in Orange Is the New Black from 2013 to 2019, he recently appeared as himself in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Over the years, he has also played in hit films such as My Best Friend’s Girl, American Wedding and American Reunion.

In 2008 he married actress and author Jenny Mollen and six years later they welcomed their first son Sid, followed by son Lazlo in 2017.

How can I watch and stream Outmatched online for free?

Fans who don’t have a TV can watch the series’s livestream premiere at Fox.com/live!

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