A terrible winter storm hampers investigators' attempts to visit the South Dakota site, where a single-engine aircraft crashed, killing nine people and injuring three others.


The Pilatus PC-12 aircraft was bound for Idaho Falls, Idaho, and crashed on Saturday after take-off. It is hoped that the investigators, currently stranded at Sioux Falls, some 140 miles away, will reach the site by Monday.

The victims have not yet been named, but local media reported in the newspaper that well-known leaders were on a hunting trip and that the ages of those killed ranged from 7 to 81 years old.

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The three survivors are 28, 27 and 17 years old. Emergency services said that a "combination of several climatic factors" had almost certainly contributed to the tragedy.

Some 50 million homes are in some form of winter weather warning as the winter storm Ezekiel moves into the country. He made several deaths, including those of a boy and a girl, both five years old, who were found in central Arizona after their truck was washed away. Friday while they were crossing an inflated creek.

The weather reports show that the storm is rising to the east (CNN)

Two adults and four other children were rescued by helicopter, but a six-year-old girl is still missing.

Two boys, aged five and eight, died Saturday in Missouri when their vehicle was washed away by flooded roads.

A 48-year-old man died as a result of an isolated incident in the state. A storm-related death has also been reported in South Dakota.

The storm hit the Midwest and is now moving northeast. At the beginning of Sunday night, the city of New York was hit by slush.

33 flight cancellations were canceled in Newark, New Jersey, and some aircraft are delayed by an average of more than two hours due to weather conditions.

There were also dozens of flight delays in Chicago and Minneapolis. In Denver, 100 flights were canceled Saturday due to high winds.

Meanwhile, a storm on the west coast causes showers everywhere from Seattle to Los Angeles, with snowfall aloft. In some areas of the state, public servants strongly discourage travel.

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