Nick Jonas is teasing the new Jonas Brothers song and it's about to fall

If there is a group of boys that has made its mark in the past year, it is none other than the Jonas Brothers. The three brothers, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas, who make up The Jonas Brothers, have been on a roll since they made a return to the chain after an interruption of almost 6 years in 2019. Their Happiness Begins Tour took off on a good note, they performed in sold-out auditoriums and dropped a few sick beats; and have been at the top of the charts since then. And now the next few weeks will see them take to the Grammy’s stage where they will perform their best.

The Jonas Brothers

But before all that, if someone happens to be a fan of Nick Jonas and follows him on social networks, you know that he is a big user of social networks and often goes on Instagram to share previews of his life. and his music with his fans and followers. And now he’s gone to Instagram and teased the new Jonas Brothers song by sharing the song’s first look.

Their new clip is titled What A Man Gotta Do, and of course, who else would be the main women in the clip other than the wives of Nick, Joe and Kevin. Nick Jonas shared two articles in which he teased the new song. While one post is a small snippet of the video, the second shows a still image of the video he captioned, “It is risky and I am the business.” In the video, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra can be seen sharing a laugh donning matching oversized shirts. The official Jonas Brothers account also shared a similar photo, this time of Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle, and she is holding a cat. You can watch the video here.

It is not the first time that the J-Sisters are featured in a video for Jonas Brothers and were also seen last year in the song’s video, Sucker.