NATIONAL OBJECTIVE FIELD OBJECTIVES: East Texas kicker seeks fan support to bring talent to Las Vegas

LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – After winning the 6A Divison 2 State Championship in 2018, Friday night football has become a staple for Lobo fans. As the Longview community cheers from their seats, players like Antonio Onofre make their mark.

“I went there and started kicking and he liked me a lot,” said Onofre.

Football has not always been Onofre’s passion. Entering high school as a football player, one of the Longview Football coaches approached him, asking if he would like to try hitting another ball.

Antonio Onofre, Kicker

When he joined the team, something clicked.

“My favorite was when we played Marshall. I was frozen on a 46 yard basket, and they had two time outs, and they froze me every time. I did them every time. I became happy, ”said Onofre.

60 yards, a lot of suspension time, as a Junior, Onofre found a way to make a name for himself.

“I usually block everything, there is no crowd, there is no noise, the lines are not there, I just have my snapper and its support and that’s it,” said Onofre .

While the Lobo team depends on him, Onofre depends on the community to help him realize the opportunity of his life.

“It was on that day that we went home, I started kicking and kicking because I knew it was going to happen quickly,” said Onofre.

Onofre hopes to bring his skills to the Chris Sailer Kicking competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After competing in California, Onofre was noticed by the coaches, and then received an email he dreamed of receiving, inviting him to the national competition.

The opportunity gives kickers the chance to show off their skills and be exposed.

“It’s one of the best feelings you can feel when you travel across the country and you can kick, do something you love,” said Onofre.

Dreaming of bringing his talents to the college level, Onofre and his family asked for donations to sponsor the trip.

If you would like to contribute to Onofre’s goal of attending the Las Vegas competition, please see the flyer for how.