National Film Registry announces various Class of 2019

WASHINGTON (AP) – More films than ever, staged or co-directed by women, have been included in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

Among the 25 selected are Patricia Cardoso’s “Real Women’s Curves” from 2002, Gunvor Nelson’s “My Name is Oona” from 1969, and “A New Leaf” from 1971, which Elaine May wrote and staged in which she played the main role. Before Stonewall “, co-written by Greta Schiller and Robert Rosenberg, and Madeline Anderson’s” I Am Somebody “from 1970, were considered the first documentary on civil rights filmed by a woman.

The annual list of influential films, spanning both genres and decades, was released Wednesday by congressional librarian Carla Hayden. Among the films considered for 2019, 6,000 were nominated by the public. The biggest public voter was Kevin Smith’s 1994 “Clerks” who made the final cut.

This year’s additions extend over a century, from the “Emigrants Landing on Ellis Island” from 1903 to the “Mist of War,” the 2003 documentary in which former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara played his role in shaping the US Military and foreign policy at the height of 2003 re-examined the Vietnam War.

Films selected in consultation with the National Film Preservation Board and Library Specialists include Prince’s 1984 Purple Rain, Spike Lee’s 1986 She Gota Have It, the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty from 1959, and Disney produced “Old” Yeller “from 1957.

“The National Film Registry has become an important record of American history, culture and creativity,” Hayden said in a statement.

The latest selection puts the number of films in the register at 775, a fraction of the Library of Congress’s moving-image collection, with more than 1.6 million titles.

Rounding out the 25 by: “Amadeus”, 1984; “Becky Sharp”, 1935; “Body and soul”, 1925; “Boys do not cry”, 1999; Coal Miner’s Daughter, 1980, Employees Entrance, 1933, Gaslight, 1944, George Washington Carver at Tuskegee Institute, 1937, Girlfriends, 1978, The Last Waltz, 1978, The Phenix City “Story, 1955, Platoon, 1986 and Zoot Suit, 1981.

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