Modern family has killed another character

Modern Family gets the most out of the last season, from a trip to Paris to another shocking death. Yes, they went there. Again.

In the episode of Wednesday, January 15 ‘Legacy’, Phil (Ty Burrell) received some worrying news about his father Frank (Fred Willard) and visited him. Viewers heard that Frank was found in a supermarket and Phil was afraid that his father was in the grip of dementia. He was wrong, but Frank eventually died out of sight.

In the final scene, which you can see below, Phil Frank asks about the incident at the supermarket and asks his father if he ever wished he had another child to take over the family business.

“The answer is no, Phil, never. Because you took over the family business, didn’t you? Keep life light, make it fun for everyone,” Frank said.

“I learned from the best,” Phil said.

In a confessional, Phil said, “When I was growing up, he was the cool dad,” Phil said. “He was hip. He knew all the dances of Grease (s) he knew all the expressions – BFF: best friends forever, TMI: too much information, BJ: jeans … We didn’t do much that day, but maybe a of the best days I have ever had with my father. I just didn’t know it would be the last. “

Viewers saw Phil then give his father’s eulogy.

“We gather (with the writers) at the start of the season and talk about the big arches and things that we want to make happen – the milestone moments. We noticed that death is a huge part of the family experience and while Phil had lost his mother in an earlier episode, we have never seen the whole family cope with such a loss. It seemed interesting to happen, “executive producer Steve Levitan said about death last year.

The last season of Modern Family takes place on Wednesday at 9 p.m. on ABC. Find the family making a final big trip to Paris in the February 12 episode.