Meet the budding musician, Bosom P-Yung, Attaa Adwoa Hitmaker; How it all started for him

From a hype man to one of the hottest songs in Ghana, Meet Budding Musician Bosom pyung.

It’s a new song called Atta Adwoa by a budding Ghanaian musician Bosom pyung who is now the most talked about artist in Ghana right now. Ghanaians really like his song and social media is also buzzing right now.

There is no doubt Atta Adwoa is the hottest song in Ghana right now. Most people will probably think the song was recently released, but I’m sorry, no! The song was officially released somewhere in August 2019, which means the song is 6 months old.

His style of music.

Bosom Pyung’s music style is very unique. Someone might say that he just copied what you are doing from the Yung Thug, Lil Uzi Vert and another American trap artist. Well, that may be true, but the only differences are that, Bosom Pyung raps in his native language, which is Twi, and also has this funny way of publishing his stuff which is stupid.

DOWNLOAD: Bosom PYung – Attaa Adwoa

How he became popular and was approved by Sarkodie.

The problem with social media that makes people who publish unique content very popular overnight. As in the blink of an eye then booom, you become popular.

This is how our man, Bosom pyung become popular. On social networks in January 2020

It was therefore presented on Flowrthymz, a Youtube channel that aims to find talent. A short video of him playing Attaa Adwoa was published on Twitter only in January, and quickly caught the attention of social media users. The video was shared so many times until it caught the attention of two BET winner, Sarkodie

Sarkodie seeing how quickly the video was shared on his Twitter and Instagram page.

See the post below.