You may have seen your photos and videos of celebrity photo recreation through a WhatsApp preview, or on TikTok or in a post while scrolling down in your Facebook or Instagram feed.

But for Neel Ranaut, it’s more than just an occasional trick, but a hobby.

Sharbajit Sarkar, a 24-year-old Tripura lawyer, has a completely different personality online, under the name of ‘Neel Ranaut’. Speaking to News18, Ranaut explains the reason behind his first name, ‘I love Kangana Ranaut. My only wish is to meet her, that’s why I started this channel. That’s why it seemed appropriate to use his middle name, and with the blue ‘neel’ as my favorite color, he had a complete identity, ” Ranaut explains.

Ranaut, who first went viral by recreating one of Deepika Padukone’s outfits using banana tree leaves, thought it was something unique.

“That picture (of Deepika) went viral. Then I did one more, and then another and they all started to get attention. Before I realized it, it became something I regularly enjoyed doing,” he said.

Since then, there has been no turning back for Ranaut.

Seeing himself as a “no cost” fashion reenactor, the “designer” reveals that he creates his weird outfits by spending “no money” on them. “If I had a budget of 100 or 200 rupees a day, my outfits would be different. But I make them from common items that I already have, such as sheets, brooms and items from a store my friend owns,” Ranuat tells News18. “I borrow the items, then I return them without having opened them or even used them a lot. These are things like shampoo packages or noodles that cannot be damaged and are returned as I received them,” he explains.

He reveals that he also borrows his grandmother’s or sister’s petticoats and blouses if the suit demands it. Ranaut feels that his family is “supportive and not very supportive” at the same time. “At first they did not understand, but as I have become popular they are much more open and help me, and even appear in my videos,” he says.

However, his friends have been more excited about his social media avatars. “Everyone in my old university knows who I am.” However, Ranaut admits that his job as a lawyer, after completing his LLB, is another ball game. “There are many who make fun of me with jokes of ‘singing-dancing’. It used to bother me but now I have become immune to that,” says Ranaut and adds that it was the slightest push that could prevent him from doing what he did . loved

Ranaut’s creative expression often leads him to use extravagant items to replace outfits.

Although celebrities were his claim to fame, he also recreates commercials of popular brands.

So, if you know where you are looking to recreate celebrity fashion at affordable prices, you already know where to get inspired.

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