Love Island: Does Ollie Williams have a future in public view?

Ollie faces a hard break in the public eye (Image: Rex features)

After his departure from the village of Winter Love Island, Ollie Williams can still save a race in public view, despite being forced to deny that he is a trophy hunter, but it will not be easy.

Earlier this week, the heir made the decision to leave the ITV2 program only three days later, insisting that it was due to his love for an ex abroad. However, it seemed that the public’s perception of the boy had consolidated after the images emerged, showing him posing with a dead animal.

Unable to defend himself against accusations, he was labeled a “trophy hunter” and spectators were flooded with protests over his participation in the dating program. Ofcom confirmed to that the complaints doubled during the first two episodes, from 231 to 467.

Now abroad, Ollie quickly rejected the images and denied that he killed an animal or dedicated himself to trophy hunting.

Ollie left the show after realizing that he still loved his ex (Image: ITV)

He said: “I did not shoot any of the animals shown in the photographs nor did I ever do it as a trophy hunter.”

The statement continued in the Daily Mirror: did I volunteered to participate in the program of conservation and fight against poaching in Mozambique, a part that involves old or sick animals that are slaughtered. I was there as an observer. “

Despite this denial, is your image salvageable in the public eye? Has the damage been done?

Public relations expert and founder of Boxed Out PR Hayley Smith has shared her vision of Ollie’s future in public view, suggesting that she was right to leave Love Island, but her career in the spotlight can now be “limited.” Due to the violent reaction.

“His attitude and activities have become unforgivable and I can’t imagine the fan base of the program defending him,” he told “We have already seen the relentless attitude of the spectators of the previous participants.” petition created to kick it out of the program

However, Smith also believes that the program must be held accountable to some extent.

“We are living in a time when climate change, environmental problems and animal rights are at the forefront of people’s minds and the causes of activism,” Smith continued. “And this, along with the wildfires of Australia and Veganuary, I feel that the program has been incredibly short-sighted and insensitive.”

As part of his duty of care, Love Island has confirmed that he will stay with Ollie in the wake of the controversy, and confirmed in a statement: “ He was not informed while he was in the village of the press stories surrounding him, but As with all islanders, since leaving the villa he has been informed about what has been written and said about him as part of our duty of care.

They added: “We will support Ollie when he leaves the village.”

The reality star has insisted that he will not speak again about the accusations, despite being now in the public eye, but Smith believes that not everything is lost and that he could do so as an influencer despite the boring reputation.

“He has a verified account, has appeared on a popular television show and has almost 50 thousand followers, so he has something for him,” he says. ‘There are companies that support or do not have problems with hunting or animal welfare, but they are limited and many companies may not choose to partner with it.

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“If we just want to make money, it will have more opportunities than if I wanted to build your profile.”

She added: ‘He also needs to keep his fans aside and get his continuous support, so he must keep his behavior and his responses under control. You should consider connecting with your audience in a positive way, and build them that way. As long as he keeps his followers, he has the potential to earn some money. “

Love Island continues at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

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