London Zoo animals receive personalized advent calendars

London Zoo animals receive personalized advent calendars

Lions, the meerkats and the squirrel monkeys received very special gifts. Watch the video.

The Christmas season has arrived with the month of December, and both humans and animals have already begun to enjoy a number of surprises.

At the zoo in London, UK, the lions, meerkats and squirrel monkeys were given very special advent calendars. Inside they had their favorite snacks.

According to a zoo post on social network Instagram, “the Asiatic lions Arya and Bhanu followed a cinnamon and nutmeg-scented path to reach the giant calendar handmade by the keepers.

Meerkats Meko, Penelope, Dracula and Frank explored “more than 25 different doors to find their favorite insects.

The monkeys, meanwhile, were able to “test all their agility as they searched for their favorite treats in the bags hanging from a rope.

The animals don’t have the patience – nor the sensitivity – to open one room a day, as they are supposed to, but the most important thing is that they had fun and were happy to be able to enjoy several delicious snacks.

“There may not be chocolates in sight, but like the kids, they couldn’t resist opening just one door. ‘Tis the season for giving and our caretakers enjoyed sharing the Christmas spirit with the animals at the Zoo,” said Dan Simmonds, one of the zoo’s caretakers, in a statement.