Latest international test shows US performance is. , , About the same as always - mother Jones

The results of the last PISA test are available. Since a picture says more than a thousand words, here is a picture:

The PISA test is conducted every 15 years for 15-year-olds, and roughly speaking, US children have been doing the same thing for several decades. The peculiar thing about PISA, however, is that it is an international test. This means that we have to compare ourselves with other countries and complain about how bad we are. Here are our results for the reading test compared to a small subset of our peer countries:

Not that bad! Canada is the outlier here, but we are at the top of the cluster of other countries. Here is math:

Not so good! Japan is the unsurpassed winner, and the US is back as usual. PISA’s approach to mathematics is somewhat unusual, so every three years it is painstakingly debated whether this is why American children do not perform very well, even though they do well in other math tests. Personally, I do not know. But we seem to fill Silicon Valley and Wall Street with quants and coders every year.

As always, if I dare to venture into the territory of the OECD, I come to the conclusion that the whole test is a scam and the real test is to see if you can figure out how to use OECD data tools. I will give myself a B this time. However, you can also search for the results on the website of the Ministry of Education. There you will find comprehensive rankings comparing the US with all the other countries participating in PISA. Good luck!