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So for never performing ?!

Kylie Jenner burned the internet two months ago when she sang “rise and shine” to her daughter Stormi Webster, and on Friday night he performed it in front of a lucky crowd for the first time.

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The overnight hitmaker sang the tune viral Justin at Hailey BieberThe Lift LA x Inner-City Arts Benefit in El Lay on Friday night, and to say it was a welcome surprise would be a total disappointment.

In the clip (below), Miz Jenner approaches the microphone to sweetly sing the “rise and shine” that caused Justin and Jaden Smith to jump with joy as the crowd enthusiastically made her happy.

Give it a watch:


– fitri (@pxrdonbiebs) December 14, 2019

As you may recall, the makeup mogul wowed everyone as she sang the lyrics to her 22-month-old daughter as she entered her nursery at Kylie Cosmetics HQ. Like everything he does, it turns to gold!

Clearly, Ky couldn’t get to where she is today without giving her money for everything she does. Per TMZ, the 22-year-old has a grand plan to trademark the lyrics, which – if given – will allow cover for the phrase made in “belts, trousers, coats, clothing, clothing, gloves, headbands, headwear, jackets., underwear, scarves, pajamas, socks, swimwear and undergarments … as well as cosmetics. “

This should come as no surprise to anyone tracking his crazy success, especially considering that he quickly began selling merch with the phrase provoking it now all over its surface, with the sweatshirt dropping almost immediately.

All that aside, the Kylie Skin the founder made it clear that he was not trying to keep the “Rise & Shine” in cash himself! Well of course not, Ky! We are Kris Jenner also need a slice of this action, LOLz !!

Travis ScottThe ex asked his followers to give him the benefit of the doubt before questioning his business ethic, tweeting:

“Guys, please don’t believe everything you read. I didn’t send any Rise and Shine to stop and reject the letters. Rise and Shine had an unexpected moment. I was very happy here, and I laughed so much. seeing everyone’s memes since the video came out a few weeks ago. “

“No law suits, no stopping and stop writing. Happy week”

Hope this isn’t the last time we hear him sing !!

(Photo via WENN / Avalon.)