Kieran Hayler longs for his son when Jett spends time with Katie Price

Kieran Hayler has admitted that he longs for his son Jett.

The former stripper experienced it in the Maldives, but his thoughts turned to his son, who returned to his mother Katie Price after a month.

The 32-year-old Instagram star emanated from Instagram when he admitted missing his son’s company during his vacation.

It was a perfect picture in the Maldives when he snapped away a series of photographs that captured the natural landscape and animals while he was out with his girlfriend Michelle Penticost.

The father of two often loved crabbing his two children Jett (six) and Bunny (five) on the British coast.

The former stripper currently lives in the Maldives
(Image: Kieran Hayler / Instagram)

No wonder Kieran noticed how much his son would love crabs in the Maldives.

In a moment, the father of two complained that he had missed Jett because he claimed that his son loved the wildlife.

The hunk posted a picture of a giant crab on the beach, on which he and his partner were relaxing in the sunshine.

Kieran shares six-year-old Jett and five-year-old rabbit with ex-wife Katie Price
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Kieran Hayler complains that he misses Jett after returning to Katie Price for the first time in a month
(Image: Kieran Hayler / Instagram)

Kieran labeled the snapshot: “Jett would love it here. All these wildlife everywhere.”

Even though he missed his son, Kieran still had a great time with his girlfriend when they enjoyed dinner in paradise.

This comes after Jett and his sister Bunny have spent over a month with him over the festive period and some time while Katie was on vacation in Thailand.

The couple married in 2013
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Katie was with Bunny and Jett again last week.

Kieran enjoyed spoiling her children with a bike during Christmas.