Ijaw warlords threaten to detonate oil facilities following murder of Inioma-ACP Abbey

The call to arrest and prosecute the killers of the late Oliver Inioma-Abbey, an assistant police commissioner in the state of Anambra took on another dimension as Ijaw warlords under the aegis of Bonny Freedom Fighters have threatened to cripple the Nigerian oil industry if the federal government fails to fish and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Recall that ACP Inioma-Abbey, alongside his men, was attacked, killed and their corpses burned beyond recognition at Oraifite in the Ekwusigo local government area of ​​Anambra State by presumed members of the indigenous population of Biafra, IPOB, in December 2019.

But Bonny Freedom Fighters spokesman Charles Hart-Abbey aka Last Don, in a statement made available to our correspondent on Wednesday, said that the relevant security authorities should speed up efforts to rescue the perpetrators.

According to the press release, “We strongly condemn the murder of the Inioma-ACP Abbey. It is totally unacceptable and unjustifiable. This is not only barbaric, but also a huge loss for the former kingdom of Grand Bonny, the home of the Abbey-Hart chiefdom and the Nigerian police force.

“The perpetrators must be identified and brought to justice, and receive punishment commensurate with the crime they committed against another Nigerian.

“We will close all oil wells in the Niger Delta if this particular death is not satisfactorily investigated.”

The group said that until the statement was released, it had received no information from the federal government of Nigeria regarding the reason [s] for the horrific murder of ACP Inioma-Abbey.

“We are aware that we, as the Ijaw people of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, have made commensurable sacrifices in our quest to keep the State of Nigeria as one; even though many of our officers on duty were killed in a highly publicized conspiracy during this case. We have not forgotten Major Isaac Adaka Boro and other Ijaw extraction patriots who were victims of these disgusting circumstances.

“Today, we are witnessing another stratagem on the part of critics of the Nigerian state aimed at clandestinely eliminating our officers on duty and our elites for refusing to collaborate with them to destabilize this country by using our officers on duty as easy targets, because we vehemently rejected the inglorious Biafra. Republic.

“It is imperative for the President to look both inward and outward to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice when we suspect an internal conspiracy, taking into account the circumstances that led to the death of PVA Oliver Inioma-Abbey. If this does not happen, the consequence that will follow throughout the Niger Delta region will be unimaginable, “said the statement in several parts.