Hi, Google, you are my Spanish translator

In January, Google announced a cool new feature that turns Google Assistant into a language interpreter, but only visually worked on smart screens, which are generally not used in the real world when people travel.

But now, just in time for the holidays, Google is finally making the interpreter feature available on Android and iOS mobile phones. As always, Google displays the feature and it can take up to a week to make it across the network.

You start by asking Google to be “my Spanish translator” and then the Assistant takes over. You can speak your phrase, and Google translates, in audio and text, in real time, and the person at the other end can speak on your phone with the answer and continue the two-way conversation.


In addition, Google will also offer “smart answers”, artificial intelligence forecasts of the answers you think you want. Google’s suggestions “allow you to respond quickly without talking – something that can make your conversations faster and even smoother,” according to the company.

Another benefit per Google: “the ability to type with someone using your keyboard in quiet environments, or manually select when you want to speak which language if you need more control over the conversation.

The two basic phrases we need to know to hit the feature: “Hi, Google, be my German translator” or “Hey, Google, help me speak Thai”.

This is different from how many of us are now using Google translation features now. In the Assistant app on iOS devices, open it, speak the phrase “How do you say hello in Spanish?” and the assistant responds with audio and text answers. (No application is needed on Android devices, as the Assistant is built into phones.)

The Google Translate app for iOS and Android lets you take text photos and ask the assistant to convert words to other languages.

To use the new Google Interpreter feature, make sure you have the latest version of Google Assistant on iOS.

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More information:
support.google.com/assistant/a … wer / 9234753? hl = el-GB

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