Hezbollah Hinders Roadmap On Lebanon Economy Recovery

Hezbollah hindered That a roadmap to Solve Lebanon Crisis following the party’s deputy Hassan Fadlallah voiced his refusal to collapse under the”tutelage of the International Monetary Fund.

The MP stated that steps should be declared in the forthcoming two Weeks, regarding the accounts of depositors in banks that are Lebanese.

“There’s a maturity (such as Eurobonds) connected into the debt. We advised The parties that the priority ought to be provided to depositors’ money.

This money shouldn’t be utilized in a wrong fashion,” he explained during a Hezbollah service in southern Lebanon.

The Hezbollah deputy refused that there is no hope at resolving Lebanon’s financial and economic crisis.

Some celebrations were blamed by him for wanting to hand the country over .

We’ve welcomed the consultations with the Fund but we refuse to place Lebanon under its tutelage, Fadlallah said.

He clarified that Lebanon Can’t apply the recommendations of this IMF, including decreasing in other words along with the privatization of state associations, or in half the dimensions of their sector and increasing taxes affects the poor.

You will find practical Regional solutions and suggestions that We’ve made To fix the crisis, such as requesting banks to keep components of the burden, he stated, adding the Association of Banks refused the proposal as it needs to guard the gains it has created in the previous decades.

“We expect that the government implements a rescue reform Program To fix the present financial crisis and the judiciary functions efficiently to recover funds which were transferred overseas, he explained.

In December, an investigation was found by the judiciary Subsequent reports that politicians had moved countless Dollars overseas despite restrictions on withdrawals, in 2019.

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