Great British bake out new ideas for hosts

Image: Great Britons bake away

On Thursday, The Great British Bake Off, my favorite television show to learn more about bizarre British pastries (“picnic basket cake”), announced that one of the show’s hosts, Sandi Toksvig, is leaving the show. If only it had been Paul Hollywood!

That said, there is a big hole in the show where a new host should be. Variety reports that Channel 4 is now looking for a replacement for Toksvig. At Jezebel, we want to help speed up the process. We have therefore compiled a list of potential candidates:

  • I am absolutely unscrupulous and cannot bake for my life
  • Mel and Sue because I miss them
  • Peppa Pig, where sausage rolls would have to be banned from the competition
  • Meghan Markle, because I’m serious, what is she doing these days?
  • Love Island’s Hayley, who didn’t know what Brexit was
  • One of the Gallagher brothers, I’m frankly too exhausted to choose between them
  • Millie Bobby Brown because she scares me and just admit it: she scares you too

I hope this helps, Channel 4! Who would you like to politely criticize dainty cakes?