Grandparents kept their grandchildren locked in wooden cages in their beds

James Bond, 69, and his wife Pamela Bond, 66, were charged with child abuse and danger after police discovered they were keeping their grandchildren in cages. (Image: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

A couple of grandparents kept their young grandchildren captive in wooden cages attached to their beds, according to police.

James H Bond, 69, and Pamela Deloris Bond, 66, were arrested after police discovered the cages during a welfare check at the house in Smiths Station, Alabama, on Monday.

Investigators from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said they found four children in the three, four, ten, and eleven year old home. They also discovered two wooden cages with bolts and bolts.

It was also found that a fifth child, who is eight months old, lived in the house, but was not there when the police investigation was conducted.

The children’s mother, Kylla Michelle Mann, 30, was arrested along with James and Pamela Bond. He also lives at home with the children’s grandparents, according to ABC News.

Kylla Michelle Mann, 30, was also arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and reckless danger. (Image: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Police found a second cage attached to a bed in the house. According to reports, both cages had been equipped with locks and locks. (Image: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

In a statement, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office wrote: “(The) Investigation revealed evidence that children had been locked in cages multiple times.”

The authorities removed the five children from the house. It is not clear if they were handed over to another family member or if they are in state custody.

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Kylla Mann, Pamela Bond and Deloris Bond were charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse of a child under six and two counts of reckless danger.

Pamela Bond was additionally charged with a charge of evidence manipulation. She is being held with a $ 123,000 bond.

The bonds of Kylla Mann and Deloris were held with a bonus of $ 122,000.