The Florida Gators should be used to playing games that turn into stories of two halves now in this 2019-2020 season.

They love this scenario so much that they practically tried to extend it to both the game and the second half in a tighter win than it should have been against Marshall vs. 73-67. Friday.


The first half? It was bad, at least for Florida. The Gators scored neither three goals nor a pass and found it difficult to score without Kerry Blackshear Jr. and Keyontae Johnson, both of whom had limited minutes with no fouls. If Ques Glover had not eclipsed eight of his 14 points, a top in the team, the Thundering Herd's margin at the break could have been well over 33-25.

But Florida quickly eliminated that deficit by hosting an 8-0 run and a leading position for a long time with a 24-11 overtime. Noah Locke, Keyontae Johnson and Tre Mann, Scottie Lewis – whose seven-point line, seven rebounds, four flights and three blocks does not even fully account for the impact of his game – have accelerated his engines, and Blackshear and Johnson stabilized the Gators by conceding many of their 23 points combined.

However, the Gators found a way to inspire fainting in the second period, their lead of 69-58 while there was only a few minutes to evaporate before their eyes. Some of them had to contend with a questionable combination of fouls and techniques on Blackshear for chasing a loose ball that resulted in his disqualification, but Marshall also hit a three and got a goal and a last-minute Thu.

Only Andrew Nembhard – at best uneven in the evening, with eight points and four assistants from Florida, but three of 14 Gory turnovers – making a mid-range jumper prevented Marshall from having possession of the ball for a match no. And only a few failures allowed the Gators to exhale.

If this team does not apply enough to need to blow the wind in the training between now and his visit to Butler next Saturday, it may be to suck the teeth after allowing to finish his short series of victories.