New Delhi: Five of the 10 most valued companies added a total of Rs 56,877.12 million rupees in the market valuation last week, led by the main IT consulting services Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

The market capitalization (m-cap) of TCS rose from Rs 26,360.5 million to Rs 7.96,612.51 at the end of Friday.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Infosys were among the winners. HDFC Bank, HUL, HDFC, ITC and State Bank of India (SBI) suffered losses in their m-cap in the week ending Friday.

The valuation of Kotak Mahindra Bank increased Rs 11,443.51 rupees to Rs 3,19,864.26 rupees and that of ICICI Bank in Rs 8,329.51 rupees to Rs 3,39,341.06 rupees.

The market capitalization of Infosys increased in Rs 8,176.24 crore to Rs 3,04,543.53 rupees and RIL in Rs 2,567.36 crore to Rs 9,85,707.52 crore.

Among the losers, the SBI was the most affected, as its market valuation fell by Rs 19,678.8 million to Rs 2.85,409.08 Rs.

The maximum limit of HDFC Bank was reduced by 15,359 million rupees to 6,82,367.73 million rupees and that of the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) in 5,521.67 million rupees to 3,91,269.72 rupees.

The ITC valuation fell Rs 3,748.24 rupees to Rs 2,98,998.76 rupees and Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) in Rs 2,294.7 rupees to Rs 4,38,482.68 rupees.

The list of the 10 most valuable companies was headed by RIL followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, HUL, HDFC, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Infosys, ITC and SBI in that order. Last week, the BSE index of 30 shares fell 348.66 points or 0.85 percent.

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