Dubai rain: more rain expected in the United Arab Emirates on Monday, a flood warning has been issued

The UAE is experiencing rainy weather again today after receiving some precipitation on Sunday evening. Al Dhafra and Abu Dhabi Island received light showers last night, while light rain also fell on the road from Umm Al Quwain to Ras Al Khaimah, as reported by the National Meteorological Center (NCM). More rain is expected on Monday as dark clouds have formed over the skies of Dubai and elsewhere. Rain is forecast to fall on the islands, coastal areas and the northern and eastern parts of the United Arab Emirates.

Forecasters also warned of possible sudden floods in the United Arab Emirates this week. According to a report, an NCM forecaster said there was a possibility of flash floods in the northern part of the country on Tuesday but not in Abu Dhabi. She said the UAE is affected by “an upper low pressure atmospheric trough”, which is why the country receives rainfall during this period.

Sandstorms can also hit parts of the country and the wind speed can reach up to 45 kilometers per hour, near mountains and the coast. According to the NCM, temperatures can peak at 26 ° C in Dubai and 28 ° C in Abu Dhabi. The Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea are expected to be moderate to rough in the coming days.

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The NCM has released weather updates and some video clips of precipitation, sometimes using hashtag cloud seeding, referring to the UAE cloud seeding missions, which are conducted frequently to augment the amount of precipitation received by the desert country. Cloud seeding consists of equipping planes with special torches which are fired in convective or hot clouds which have an updraft or updraft. 10 to 15% of the rains received in the United Arab Emirates in 2018 are the result of efforts to seed the country’s clouds.