Dia Mirza's skin care regimen and her favorite beauty products

The beautiful former Miss Asia Pacific, Bollywood actress turned producer and currently playing the central role of an environmentalist, Dia Mirza is ringing today for her 38th birthday. Dia Mirza with her charming smile, inspiring fitness levels and perfect skin is always a whim. Last seen in the biopic of Sunjay Dutt, Sanju, where she beautifully played the role of his wife, she became an environmentalist of the genre and was recently appointed UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India, joining ranks of celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson who have been awarded the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador label worldwide.

Apart from all his incredible achievements, one thing that can not be ignored is his impeccable looking skin that is a cause of envy among us all. Today for her birthday, we reveal her favorite beauty products as well as tips and tricks that make her so beautiful.

Dia Mirza’s Skincare Routine

Dia Mirza

1. The CTM routine: her face care regimen requires a little more attention because she has a combination of oily and dry skin, so she religiously follows the cleansing, tonicity and moisturizing routine twice a day, by promoting a French brand of moisturizer called Uriage

2. Skin naked at night: As a rule, she never falls asleep without removing her makeup.

3. SPF: The Sanju star never goes out without sunscreen to make sure her face stays protected at all times. She uses Vichy Capital Soleil with a SPF 50 that protects her face for 8 hours.

Beauty Diet of Dia Mirza:

Dia Mirza

1. The morning of Dia begins with followed by a bowl of chia seeds dipped in almond milk with blueberries and pomegranate, it is an excellent food for the skin

2. Coconut water is also wonderful in summer too.

3. Dia Mirza is used to applying everything she eats on the face. For example, if she has oranges, she will take her skin and apply it all over her face and remove it after 10 minutes

4. To keep your skin well hydrated and rid of impurities, it uses a natural scrub of walnuts, plums and aloe vera and moisturizes with coconut or olive oil.

5. Ilia serums and creams work well for her because they have a deeply nourishing mask that you can put on at night, perfect for those with dry skin like hers.

6. For her hair, the tree winters, she chooses an intensive moisture conditioner or hair butter to cut all the frizziness of her beautiful braids.

Her favorite beauty products of all time:

Dia Mirza

According to Miss Asia Pacific, her list of must-have beauty products that is also in her bag is

· A lip balm stained with strawberry

· A mascara

· Techna kohl by MAC

· Hand cream

· Sun glasses

We totally love the way Dia Mirza has inspired us not only to take care of us but also to protect our environment. We wish him a very happy birthday and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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