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Connecticut Republican Party president calls on congressional candidate Robert Hyde to step down after learning that Hyde was involved in the Ukrainian scandal that led to the removal of President Donald Trump.

“It is not useful to the president. This is not useful for other Republican candidates. And this gives Democrats the opportunity to raise funds. This allows the opposition to label all Republicans with these comments, “J.R. Romano, president of the State of Connecticut Republican Party, told CNN on Wednesday.

Romano also held a conference call Wednesday with other state GOP officials to tell them about his decision to ask Hyde to give up. He told CNN that the vast majority of people on the conference call were supportive of what he had done.

Hyde, in turn, called for the resignation of Romano and accused the president of being a “staunch defender” of Trump.

Hyde is one of the GOP candidates hoping to overthrow the outgoing democratic representative Jahana Hayes in the northwest district of Connecticut, although he has no endorsements, no staff and not raised significant funds for his campaign.

He first indicated that he wished to appear at Congress in June 2019.

After Hyde posted a rude tweet about California Senator Kamala Harris after the end of his presidential campaign, the GOP said it would reimburse Hyde’s donations “in light of his base comments on Twitter.” Hyde then deleted the tweet.

On his campaign website, Hyde calls himself an “ardent” supporter of President Donald Trump. He donated $ 25,000 to Trump’s inaugural committee and donated more than $ 30,000 to the Trump campaign and other Republican groups, according to documents from Open Secrets and the Federal Election Commission.

New documents released this week show that Hyde was linked to Rudy Giuliani and his associates’ efforts to remove former US ambassador Marie Yovanovitch from her post in Kiev.

In text messages sent to Giuliani’s associate, Lev Parnas, Hyde used foul language to suggest that Yovanovitch should be removed from his post and suggested that he or his allies were monitoring her.

Giuliani had pushed for the ouster of Yovanovitch, believing that it was an obstacle to his efforts to unearth the dirt on the political rival of Trump, the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Hyde told Eric Bolling of the Sinclair Broadcast Group on Wednesday that his text messages had been taken too seriously.

“I thought we were playing. I had no idea he was so serious, “said Hyde, denying having monitored Yovanovitch.