Coleen Nolan reveals that sick thugs beheaded his daughter's pet rabbit

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Coleen Nolan horrified the Loose Women audience when he spoke about the disgusting discovery of his two-year-old daughter’s pet rabbit decapitated in his backyard.

The panelist discussed her own horror story while the group talked about Do not fuck with cats, which tells the disgusting story of the murderer Luka Magnotta, who began filming himself killing cats in increasingly vile ways.

While discussing whether more should be done about stories like that, Coleen revealed that he had experienced his own story with thugs who went after the beloved pet of his daughter Ciara, who is now 19 years old.

She revealed: ‘When Ciara was very young, she was about two or three years old, we bought her a rabbit and used to run around the back garden and stuff.

“We got up one morning and some horrible children, teenagers, climbed the garden wall and beheaded the rabbit.”

With audible screams from the audience, her friends on the panel seemed mortified by the story, and then Coleen revealed that involving the police only made the situation worse.

Coleen became ill after discovering the body of his daughter’s pet rabbit (Image: ITV)

‘When I first saw (the body) it was like … it was so clean (cut). It wasn’t like a dog or a fox or something had made him ragged. It was clean, “he said.‘ I talked to the vet and he said yes, he definitely cut himself.

‘And we called the police, who were horrified, but they told me:” It makes no sense, they will receive a fine of £ 20 and a slap on the wrist. “

‘It is classified as criminal damage! It wouldn’t even be classified as a case of cruelty, “he said.

Ciara (pictured here in 2007) was only two years old when a sick murderer entered the family garden (Image: Getty)

The group noted that animal cruelty and slaughter are often seen as a warning sign that the killer may be more extreme in their murders, and many serial killers, including Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein, also begin to kill Your pets

It was noted that more should be done to stop them before it was too late and a human life was taken.

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In the case of Don’t F ** k With Cats, Internet detectives trying to locate Luka Magnotta couldn’t stop him in time.

The final video, which stirred the stomach made by Magnotta, was a snuff video depicting the murder inspired by Jun Lin’s basic instinct, a 33-year-old student who responded to an announcement of a Craigslist connection.

Loose Women continues on weekdays at 12.30 pm on ITV.

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