LONDON – The Conservative Party in power in Britain has stepped up its campaign efforts on the Facebook social media platform by multiplying ads highlighting the political realms of younger voters.


Conservatives of Prime Minister Boris Johnson raised record funds for the election campaign ahead of the December 12 election, but so far they have spent relatively little on Facebook advertising.

According to an article posted on Facebook in the seven days before November 30, only 201 Conservative ads were in the platform's advertising library, with the party spending thousands of pounds less than the Liberal Democratic Party, the Labor Party. or Brexit at this time.

However, 910 conservative ads were reported Monday as having been "active" during the last day. Most of them were seen by voters aged 25 to 34.

The holiday had spent $ 48,310 on Facebook ads during the week prior to November 30, but details of its spending since Saturday were not immediately available.

Advertisements focus on the end of uncertainty around Brexit, investments in health services and advertisements attacking the spending plans of Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The 230 active announcements released by the Labor Party last week focused on the party's plans for a green "industrial revolution" and its tax proposals.

Johnson and Minister Michael Gove led the Vote Leave campaign in the 2016 Brexit referendum, and group campaign director Dominic Cummings – who was a key advisor to Johnson during his tenure as prime minister – spoke the major role that a late wave of online advertising had played in this campaign.

Currently, online political announcements do not need to be tagged to indicate who paid for them, which led the UK Election Commission to criticize the fact that the rules are not appropriate.

Vote Leave was fined by the regulator for breaking the spending limits during the campaign and the Canadian data firm with which he was working on Facebook ads also violated privacy laws , according to the report of an official investigation discovered last week.