Boris Johnson Unveils US Trade Deal Blueprint As He Warned Not To Cosy Up To Trump

Boris Johnson was warned by marriage chiefs to not”comfy up” into Donald Trump through US trade discussions.

They encouraged him to focus on striking a deal with the European Union – the largest trading partner of the UK.

Negotiations Start on collision course over topics including company competition, employees’ rights and the courts in Brussels now with the 2 sides.

Downing Street has confirmed that discussions with the United States will begin – placing a deal in danger together with the EU.

The Last night, prime Minister, that put out his support with the US, is to prevent them from obtaining access or demanding employees or food criteria’ rights.

In Specific, ministers have faced demands to rule out pharma companies getting entry into the medications supply of the NHS hiking costs.

They face calls to Stop chicken and Beef being imported in any arrangement in the US, together with environmental issues and animal welfare increased.

Mr Johnson said: “We Have the very best negotiators in the company and naturally, we are likely to drive a tough deal to boost British business.”

Downing Street added that the authorities would”rigorously shield” the NHS.

However, Ministers can fight to reassure that places like information privacy, food safety criteria, the NHS and employees’ rights won’t be placed at risk.

Union chiefs maintained that President Trump’s sole goal would be to”line the pockets” of his corporate backers.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:”The authorities ought to be focused on obtaining a fantastic trade deal with the EU — not cosying up to Donald Trump.

“President Trump does not care about the united kingdom. The trade arrangement He wishes to attack is.

” Boris Johnson Is erroneous to rush in these talks. A trade deal with the US will place working rights and people’s jobs at stake. Plus it will undermine our critical public services, food and environment standards.”

No 10 a #3.4bn increase, since the trade price could boost transatlantic trade flows by #15.3bn.

In 2018, UK exports to the EU were 291bn (45 percent of the total), whereas imports were 357bn (53 percent of their total).

The US was the sole trading partner of the UK 19 percent of total exports, Products and services into the US at 2018.

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