Bigg Boss Season 13 Update: Social Media Divided into Sides for Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill

Bigg Boss 13 started off as controversial and nothing changed even weeks after its first release. Fighting and scandals persist among detainees and are increasing day by day. While the show has always been popular thanks to the quarrels of its competitors and internal battles. However, recently, one of the incidents prompted social media users to demonstrate against the channel and the makers of Bigg Boss for inciting violence in the name of entertainment.

The friendship between “Bigg Boss 13” contestants Shehnaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla seems to have gotten a little difficult, as the two were seen fighting in the next episode of the controversial reality show. After the weekend episode with the host and superstar of Colors Salman Khan, Shehnaz is considered a bit discolored after viewers pinch her. She expects Sidharth to always be with her and support her above everyone else.

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Shehnaz, who is affectionately called “Punjab ki Katrina Kaif”, is often seen as having a misunderstanding about Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma, who she says takes Sidharth away from her. A fight breaks out between them when the same problem arises. Sidharth in jokes begins to confuse and tease Shehnaz. He does things that make her angry on purpose and at one point calls him “jealous”.

This makes Shehnaz very angry, and she repeatedly warns Sidharth to stop here and there, but he doesn’t. Shehnaz then bursts into anger and becomes violent and runs behind him to strike him within the limits of the type of link they share. At one point, she loses her composure and becomes violent and throws ‘chappals’ (slippers) on Sidharth. Shortly after the incident, Sidharth trapped Shehnaz and retained her. This caused an uproar on Twitter.

@BeingSalmanKhan I hope you take a strong stand on this. It was completely unacceptable. @ Sidharth_shukla #SidharthShukla # BiggBoss13 #SidHearts

– SIDHARTH OFFICIAL FC (@SidharthTeam_) January 7, 2020

Many prominent feminists lk @SethShruti @MasalaBai @ Su4ita have spoken of the torture and harassment of a 26-year-old woman #ShehnaazGill by a 40-year-old man #SidharthShukla! Ask other loud voices to speak out so that the cheapest Shukla is kicked out # BB13 # BiggBoss13

– Baby Driver (@ rachitmehra91) January 7, 2020

Guys … This is not a movie scene or any other television series.

It happens inside the Bigboss house. #SidharthShukla is constantly harassed, still beating her, no action has been taken against him. @ BeingSalmanKhan Plss throw these scripts and take a stand. @ TheKhbri # BiggBoss13

– Pewdendra Pie (@PsychhFam) January 7, 2020

It was such inhuman behavior #SidharthShukla put his knee pressure on #ShehnaazGill abdomen

& She was in so much pain

He didn’t let him go until #sana said “pet by kyun mara raha hai” # ShameOnSidShukla @ BiggBoss @ColorsTV

– Bigg Boss Talks (@BiggBossTalks) January 7, 2020


Video shows how Sana kept hitting #SidharthShukla

A woman is becoming veiled here and I don’t see anyone opposing it?

Being a girl, I oppose it @ SethShruti @Avinash_Mirror @MasalaBai @shunalishroff @TheRestlessQuil @kirthijayakumar @ KiranManral # BB13

– All hearts bet for Sidharth Shukla (@BluntIndianGirl) January 7, 2020